Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My travels with Pat Buchanan and his philosophies on life.

Chapter one: Meeting the Great Man.
It was after a night of heavy drinking and snorting cocaine with Pat Buchanan, when
I stumbled home feeling all the shame of one Anthony Weiner.
Damn, I am married with two kids. What was I thinking? Then it hit me: Pat is a part of
history and deep thinking. When you are with a man of greatness and historical
significance; which one of you could turn down the offer of wisdom? Even though the
night led into a debauchery unimagined by his button downed flag waving, Jesus loving
Would you turn down a night, to be at the foot of the master who promised both wealth
and guidance?
Now would you?
Kids, you can keep your high-priced University and balloon payments on your
college loan. It was a crazy road trip to Vegas with Pat that changed my life. Like a LSD
trip, it is all coming back to me, as I see Pat in that 1930's convertible, Hitler's own
person touring car. The dark blue Mercedes was parked out behind a dumpster near the
rear entrance to Msnbc studio. We both ran like manics out the back door after a hellish
morning with Mike Barnicle. We were now heading straight into the savage heart of the
American dream, escaping out the back door of the studio, like the Beatles in a Hard
day's night.
The end of chapter and now for the road trip into the disappearing American dream....


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