Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Excerpts for Promoting Wily Geist, Kilgore Trout, Paul Brazil and whoever shows me the money.

Before the Internet, before Twitter or Face-book there was the brag letter!
Yes, even before there were bloviators on cable TV, there was the brag letter!

The infamous brag letter origins may go back to the first caveman scrawling a picture
of a mastodon that he killed in that cave in France, to annoy his neighboring cave
dweller to the fact that his scrawny rabbit just doesn't cut it However, for my
family in our boring cottage cheese style life in the mid-west; we were clueless
about the innate ability of humans to brag in graphic forms.
Now, my glug trip is taking hold... The fever, the flashes the brilliant colors of
drunken Christmas now take hold.

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